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Deciding between whether to trade futures or stocks? While there are pros and cons to both, the most suitable option for you will largely depend on your risk profile. In this article, we give you a comparison of futures vs. stocks as well as some good reasons you should opt for the former.

Low Commissions and Execution Costs
Depending on your broker, you may be charged a different commission rate than other traders. However, you can expect the total commission to be as low as 0.5% of the contract value. This can vary based on the service provided by your broker. Commissions are usually payable when the position is closed.

Futures Provide You with More Leverage
When futures trading, the trader has to put in a margin, which is a percentage of the contract value. In the case that the market moves in the opposite direction, the trader will incur losses that may be higher than the margin amount, and they have to pay to bring this value closer to a maintenance level. However, if the market moves in the right direction, the profits you stand to make are also much higher. Because futures trading allows investors to be exposed to a much larger volume of stocks than buying them directly, you will benefit from more leverage.

Futures Markets Provide High Liquidity
A large number of futures are being traded every day and some markets are even open round the clock. The high level of trade activity ensures that market orders can be placed quickly, which in turn means that prices do not tend to fluctuate drastically. This allows traders to clear out large positions quickly without any adverse effects on price.

Futures Markets Are Fairer and Unconducive to Insider TradingUnlike stocks where certain individuals may have access to insider information which they then leak to an exclusive group of traders, it is very difficult to do the same in a futures market. This allows the market to be more efficient and gives all traders a fairer chance instead of having a select group of individuals with an advantage over others.

And the best part, if the CEO is involved in some scandal or the company declares bankruptcy, you aren’t exposed to these specific risks, and a better diversified trading a global financial product.

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